Been working on this for a short while now, a new design, a new more modern blogging system... It's been a blast working on the new site, the design is almost complete with only a few more pages left to build out.

Once the system build is complete I'll outline how I went about the design and the build.

I’ve started tweaking some aspects of this weblog, starting with a refresh of the logo. The current design (which is been with me for several years now) looks dated, low quality, and a bit uninspiring. I’m a developer first! You can see transition of the old to new logo in the image below: logo - previous


The new logo has dropped the border around the icon, introduced a modified colour palette, and also introduced a transparency gradient originating from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner.

As any web developer would know, you just don’t have a single icon these days. With such vast array of platforms these days they have their own way of displaying “favourite” icons. As of now, I’ve specified a good old Web 1.0 favicon.ico, an iPhone icon (using the apple-touch-icon meta tag) and also for the Windows 8.1 devices, a whole range of logo sizes to suite the Live Tiles format. The Windows 8.1 icons are specified in my browserconfig.xml file that’s referenced via an msapplication-config meta tag on this page.

Well it seems as though me tinkering with the CMS (MiniBlog) that runs this blog has made the posts giving a 404 error. I think it has something to do with the HttpCache not refreshing. Regardless, there will be a few oddities whilst I get things back in order around here.